“I only knew about astrology from magazines horoscope pages. I thought it was fun and I liked reading it but I didn’t take it seriously, thinking there were only 12 types (12 zodiac signs). However, since MiKA read my natal chart, I learned that everyone has their own unique star placements.

As I am approaching so-called “Midlife” I’m trying to shift my work and way of life. I was trying to find my new direction and surprised that she said exactly what I was feeling. I felt affirmed in my direction.I look forward to my next reading. Thank you very much.”


Yukari P.

“Mika’s astrology reading was very insightful, offering me tools to navigate my personal circumstances and situations. I felt guided by her intuition as well as her excellent knowledge of astrology. We had a wonderful talk about the themes in my life, both past and present, and I’ve been gratefully illuminated by her guidance ever since.”

Penelope H.

“My readings with Mika have helped me to better understand myself and what’s going on in my life. This greater understanding continues to guide my steps through my personal growth. I’m very grateful to have found my astrologer.”

Sam W.
”I consider an astrology session as a type of psychotherapy. It is very possible it can reveal the most vulnerable and sensitive part of ourselves. I felt Mika knew it really well. She knows what it means to step into someone’s sacred boundary. I felt a great deal of respect and sense of ease from her throughout the session. And this is what I am grateful to Mika besides her professional knowledge and experience.
I would like to recommend her to anybody who is seeking a safe place to learn and know more deeply about themselves and their life.”


Tetsuya A.

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