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The Natal Chart is a record of the positions of the celestial bodies the moment you drew your first breath.
By reading it, you can discover the unique features and patterns present in your life. Though knowing your chart, and understanding its interaction with astrological transits, we see their effects on your present, past, and future. The foresight astrology offers can help guide you like a map of the challenges and gifts on the road ahead.. Your natal chart never changes and stays with you throughout your whole life. To understand your own natal chart can be a very powerful tool for self-awareness and healing.
Please note that the exact birth time, birth date and birth place is necessary for an accurate natal chart. Especially, your exact birth time is very important. Please make sure you have the right birth info.
This service includes a 90 minute session with a digital audio recording of our conversation.
This service is over Zoom, or if you are in Victoria, BC, Canada, in person is available.

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Communmication Method

Zoom Meeting, In-Person (Victoria, BC, Only)

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With Written Analysis (+$40), Without Written Analysis (+$0)

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Credit Card (+$4), PayPal (+$4), Cash (+$0) In Person Only, E-Transfer (+$0)


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